Up Date on my Moto Guzzi 09/20/2013


A lot of people have been asking me questions about my 2014 Moto Guzzi California 1400 custom. A lot of these questions are coming through my YouTube channel "coolcycledude." So I decided to start possibly a monthly blog about the ups and the downs of the Moto Guzzi. So if you're interested in a honest and non-technical opinion you might want to listen to these podcasts. As always thank you for very much for listening to my podcasts.


2014 Indian Chief Classic Demo Ride


I got a chance to demo the 2014 Indian chief classic motorcycle. This is the motorcycle that has the power stroke 111 engine. It was a really nice motorcycle to ride on the go back for another demo ride at the end of September. I really enjoyed writing the motorcycle I thought it was a very well made product. Let's not have any illusions here Polaris brought this brand back from the dead to compete with Harley-Davidson. I'm a firm believer of competition, but I've got the Harley brain.


Yamaha Bolt demo ride.


Got the chance to ride the Bolt at a Yamaha demo ride. Nice motorcycle.


Talking about my Honda VTX 1800


Just running my mouth about my Honda VTX1800


2012 Victory 8 Ball demo ride



Riding the Harley Davidson 72


Got a chance to ride the Harley Davidson 72. Nice motorcycle!


Talking about Yamaha’s new motorcycle.



The Ducati Diavel Motorcycle


I'm running my mouth about the Ducati Diavel. Podcast number 2 baby!


Old Indian motorcycle engine running


This was a recording I made at the Indian both. I was at the International Motorcycle Show in Rosemont IL.


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